Monday, January 5, 2015

Tip of the Iceberg - Part 1

I'm not going to start wrenching right away, but it's time to start listing down the things needed.

So I walked a few rounds around the bike and captured the needed parts at the first glance. Even in such a rough way, the list became so long that I'll have to split the outcome into a few articles. Considering that this is an outcome of a simple initial visual inspection of half an hour, without even touching the bike, the result is clear: I'm in deep trouble!

Let's start...

Although it looks nice from far away, when you look close, the metal works need a thorough care. A good deal of hammering, rust protection, primer and a good repaint is inevitable. Here's an example close-up from the front fender.

The bike has a very low ground clearance, therefore it's quite prone to the hits through the potholes, bumps, etc. on the road. The photo shows the lower part of the poor old front fender.

(Note to self: This is not an F650GS - I should behave civilized with this bike. Avoid messing around sidewalks, speed traps, etc.)

The paint job actually quite nice, but it's hard to resist the effects of time. The front tip of the front fender is a good example.

It's quite expected, I could have lived with it, if my goal wasn't getting sixty years back in time. A new paint is imminent.

Not all is so bad. The nice and shiny front fork tubes do not show their age at all. When you get really really close, there are tiny "prickles" of rust, but that's really fair enough.

As is says, God bless it indeed!

The speedo is fully functional, the glass and dial needs a good cleaning, that's it. I have no idea yet, how complicated it is to open it up, or how good it would become just with cleaning. I'll look into that when the time comes.

The ignition key and lock are not original and they need to be replaced.

Neutral and battery indicator lights are good.

The signal lamps will have to go. The R25 was produced without turn signals. The first versions of the turn signals that we are still using in our cars today was released by Buick in 1939. Actually it wasn't until 70's that the turn signals have become mandatory for the motorcycles. 

Anyway I have to find something for the turn signals. I've seen pretty nice examples that are attached to the tip of the handlebars. Probably I'll get something like that.

The switches and levers seem to be replacement, I'll need to check. And don't even bother with the mirror at all. 

The plastics still look good for that age, but still there is no need to insist further. They're pretty much dead.

The headlight glass was a victim of a clumsiness and replaced with a cheap one. Luckily, there are still affordable remakes out there. 

The rear light is not the original for this model. Instead, it's the "coffee cup" type, which was used on R50 and R60's at the same time period. I'm not sure if it's the whole rear fender or only the light that was changed, as it's not so easy to identify the fairly similar looking fenders of those models on the photos. If it's just the light, it's easy to grab a replica. If not, well then I'm not so sure. I might even keep it as it is.

That luggage rack is going to go in any case.

Now look at that! Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the one and only BMW Motorrad limo! Yes, you're counting three footpegs over there. So that the unlucky third guy holding on to the back does not have to dangle his legs, and has a comfortable ride.

So the "rearmost" footpegs will be sawed off, and the mounting bracket of the passenger footpeg will be fixed.

The exhaust muffler is not the original one. The previous owner said he might still have it somewhere and call me if he can find it. Fingers crossed... Worst case, I will have to buy a new one. 

The carb is original Bing. I will definitely have to take care of it, but it's not so urgent. I'm not familiar with cars at all.

By the way, the black hose in the photo is the one carrying fresh air from the air filter into the carb. Dead...

The computer power supply case holds the battery. (Well, at least it is not so far from the purpose.) I don't know how it originally was, I'll have to do some research on that. 

It is enough bad news for now. I'll continue with the rest later. There is no need for despair, but this will surely be a difficult difficult job!

(Second note to self: This Blogspot thing is a real mess to handle...)

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